Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas December Glossy Box

I was pretty impressed with this months Glossybox so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Firstly look at the box itself, its so festive! I really like the design, I don't know about you but I keep most of the boxes, especially the limited edition ones, in anticipation of using them to store things in. Obviously I will be putting christmassy items in this one!

So on to what I received this month, there's a sneak peek above! I'm going to start with my favourite and that's the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in the colour On and on bronze. I'm a huge fan of these eyeshadows, especially at this time of year because some of them are very glittery. They are so easy to use and they're the type of product you can just pop on in the morning and not have to worry about all day as it won't budge! This colour is perfect for me, I would have chosen this if I had gone to buy one in a store. It's a bronze, obviously as the name suggests, but it has almost golden flecks of glitter running through it. Its beautiful and looks great on blue eyes. I like to wear these as a quick colour wash over my eyelids and then run a little under the outside corner of the eyes. These are available at boots for £4.99.

Next up is another product I was really excited to receive, it was really nice to get some quality make up items this month. This is a nude lipgloss from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics, which if you didn't know is Kimberly Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls's make up line. I think this is just the perfect nude and it's a non sticky formula which is a big plus. I just really liked this, perfect colour if your going for something a bit heavier on your eyes and want to tone your look down on the lips. This has gone straight into my handbag! You can grab this little beauty at for £12, and I must say I love Kimberly's make up on the homepage :)

I always seem to get a nail varnish, like every month! But I'm not complaining I do love a good nail polish. This one is from a brand called Seche, I have heard of their topcoat before but didn't realise they did loads of different colours. I got a white colour called Blanc 11, not the most exciting name! I think this will be good for doing french tips but I have tried and it takes a few coats to build it up to a nice bright white. You can buy these at and they retail at £9.95.

The largest item in my box this month was a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor. Hmmm. Does anyone else feel like getting a razor in your Glossybox is kind of like getting socks and pants for Christmas? I mean it's practical and everything and I'm sure it's very nice, but it's not what I was expecting! I've actually used these in the past and they are pretty good razors, so yeah, umm, thanks Glossybox! You can get these from any good supermarket or for £6.49.

Last but by no means least is a perfume sample from Lipsy called Glam. I never get too excited about these little scent samples (they usually disappear into my handbag never to be seen again). This one smells surprisingly nice, I would say fresh and sweet at the same time, too sweet for me! This is available on the Lipsy website and comes in at £25.

I hope you liked that little overview of my December Glossybox, did you receive any of the same items?
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