Saturday, 21 December 2013

Festive Penguin Nails

Time for another festive nail tutorial! This is probably my favourite yet and it's so easy to do, you might just be able to do it with your left hand!

So to start off I filed down my nails to desired shape and used my all time favourite hand cream Soap and Glory Hand Food. I have been using this since I discovered the brand about 3 years ago and it's all I've used since, its going to take something really amazing to get me off this stuff! The you can use any base coat you like, I went for the Rimmel London Lycra Pro one.

Next choose your base colour, I went for a festive red. You could also go for blue to look like the sky, or you don't have to use a base colour if you don't want. I went for nails inc in St James as its a really vibrant christmassy red, and I applied two coats.

Now we can start on the penguin! To start with you need to choose a black polish to create his body, I went for a mini Max Factor one in the colour Onyx. The reason I chose this particular one is because it's got quite a small brush, this is handy as we're only painting a little part of the nail as below.

So once you've painted the black part of his body you need to paint a smaller white version inside to create his chest. I used the nail varnish that I received in my december Glossy box for this which was Blanc 11 by Seche.

Now we can see he's taking shape, so all thats left to do is give him some eyes and a beak, I used the white and black as before, then you need to use a orange or yellow colour to do the beak. And viola! 

I've just done the one to keep things simple but you could have a whole family of 10 if you wanted! Isn't he cute! 
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