Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Sugar Crush

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw this Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Gift Set on sale at Boots for a bargain £9! The body moisturiser is £10.50 to buy on its own! That was it, straight into my hands and I wasn't letting go! The Sugar Crush range is one of my favourites, it has a really fresh lime scent and I think it's a great one if your having a daytime bath or shower. In this gift set you get the full size body moisturiser, which, as I mentioned before is £10.50 on it's own. You also get a 250ml body wash which is half the of the full size (still a pretty decent size!). And finally you get a mini 50ml sized body scrub which completes the set.

Firstly on to the body moisturiser, if you haven't tried a Soap and Glory moisturiser before then you need to go out and get one! You will never turn back. Personally I prefer 'The Righteous Butter' scent which I see as the classic S&G scent but this is a close second. Its super creamy, has a fresh lime scent and leaves your skin feeling so soft. It's one of those where if you put it on before bed you can still smell it when you wake up.

Next is the body wash, Soap and Glory say it's a wake up call for the mind and body and I agree! Use this in your morning shower and you'll be ready for the day. This also doubles up as bath bubbles, just a few pumps of the stuff will leave you with a fruity bubbly bath.

This body scrub is probably one of my favourite scrubs of all time. It's a luxurious brown sugar scrub with the same citrus scent. This is a great one for in the bath, when you've got a little more time to have a good old scrub. Great for dry legs, knees and elbows, and everywhere else really! I think it's quite moisturising too so it's a great all rounder, it's the scrub which all the other scrubs probably hate. 

You can find the Sugar Crush range in most Boots stores, or click here to shop online! Which is your favourite?

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