Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint

I love finding something new to paint my nails with, whether its a new trend of varnish or a new brand altogether. I'm a big fan of nail art and have been wanting to try out the magnetic polishes for a while now. When I received this one by Barry M for Christmas I couldn't wait to try it out. The idea of magnetic nail varnishes is that when you hold the magnet supplied over the wet paint, the magnetic particles which are contained within the varnish will create a pattern. Barry M do lots of different colours and they all come with a different magnetic pattern, so the idea is you can collect different colours and then mix and match the different magnets! I have the colour Magnetic Blue which creates a sort of Union Jack shaped design.

So I gave my nails one coat of the colour, and let dry. This is actually a really nice colour, I don't usually go for a metallic or shimmery shade but I do really like this one. Below is one coat of the polish.

Next you need to apply another coat and immediately after hold the magnet (which is on the lid of the bottle) over the wet pain and like magic the pattern will appear!

Heres the finished look! The only thing I did next was seal with a clear top coat, and your done!

I think this is such a simple and easy way to do nail art, so If you haven't got the steadiest hand to do intricate designs this might be for you!

Have you tried any magnetic nail polishes? Which colour should I try next?!
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