Friday, 10 January 2014

Inglot Freedom System Palette

Inglot have been one of those brands I've been interested in for a few years now, I must have spent hours browsing their website looking through all the different shades and putting together countless palettes in my head. A few months ago I bit the bullet and ordered a Freedom System Palette, this is a palette which, like Mac, you buy the eyeshadows separately creating your own masterpiece. If you've been on the Inglot site you'll know what I mean by saying there's an overwhelmingly large amount of shades to choose from! You won't know where to start, or you'll take a year to choose (I literally did).
It's fairly difficult to choose as you don't know how the colours on the website match the actual colours. Although now I've been through the process I can confirm that they are very accurate! Below are the eyeshadows that I chose.

All neutrals, mostly matte and one shimmer. I wanted to create an everyday wearable palette, and I only really wear neutral colours. I picked two highlight colours, one shimmery and one matte. Two mid-tones, a plum and a brown. And then a crease/ darker tone. I'm really happy with the shades I chose, I was worried they weren't going to match what they looked like on the site but I really didn't have anything to worry about! Here's a shade breakdown and swatches.

395 Pearl: A lovely and very bright highlight colour, great for a fresh all over the lid look, or I like to use this in the tear duct area. I would say the closest Mac shade to this was Nylon.

355 Matte: A soft creamy colour which is similar to my natural skin tone. Great for just evening out the eyelid or to use as a base and blending colour. Similar to Mac Blanc Type. 

344 Matte: A nice all over the lid colour, this one has a plum tone to it but still keeping it very natural. I would say this is a similar colour to Mac Satin Taupe but in a matte form.

360 Matte: This is a great contour shade, looks really good with 355 as just a simple look. I can also use this through my brows. I would say Mac Charcoal Brown was a pretty close comparison.

329 Matte: The darkest shade in my palette, I probably wouldn't wear this all over the lid like I have below as it doesn't suit my eye shape, thats just to show you guys the colour! A great darker crease colour, or you could even use this as a powder eyeliner. 

The eyeshadows are very nice to work with, really blendable and pigmented, actually much like Mac! They are £4.50 each and the palette on it's own is £7. I think they are such great value and I loved the whole experience via the website. Also the packaging is really sleek looking and hard wearing, so much better than I was expecting for the money. Inglot do have a store in the UK at Westfield (I think thats the only one!). However ordering online was super easy and I would do it again! 

Let me know if you've ordered a palette from Inglot, does it look anything like mine? 

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