Sunday, 5 January 2014

Review | L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution

On a recent trip to boots I noticed that the newest Micellar Solution on the market was marked down to just £3 so it just happened to end up in my basket. I have been using the infamous and crazy blogged about Bioderma for a while and I must say I love the stuff. So I was intrigued to find out if this offering form L'oreal could live up to my high expectations. 

This micellar solution claims to dissolve make-up, unclog pores, remove impurities and tone and soothe the skin. It's hypo-allergenic and is suitable for even sensitive skin. So it's sounding perfect so far, especially as my skin is acting less than well behaved at the moment! 

Like Bioderma I use a cotton pad to apply this. Every time I use this product I am again surprised at how well something that feels like water on the skin can remove make-up. Just a sweep is all this solution needs to remove all traces of make-up and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. To remove eye make-up I hold the cotton pad for a few seconds over my eye and again it removes everything like a dream. No need for scrubbing or using multiple face wipes to get everything off! I only use this as a make-up remover, or as my first 'cleanse', I then go ahead and use another cleanser. 

In my opinion this could be a very good dupe for my beloved Bioderma, and the fact that it is easier to get your hands on, and the vast price difference could just put this one in the lead! 

Bioderma or L'oreal? What do you think? 

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