Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review | Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara

When it comes to brows, we may not all be able to look like Cara Delevingne, but hey, we're going to give it a good try, am I right? The Maybelline Brow Drama promises 'brows that wow' however after trying this product I wouldn't say I was particularly blown away by my brows. I don't have the worlds most sparse brows, but a little filling-in is often needed. Although I guess you could say my brows are somewhat unruly and have a mind of their own sometimes, so any product which is going to hold them in place is fine by me.

The Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara comes in three shades, deep blonde, medium brown and dark brown. I went for the middle shade, medium brown as my brows are already quite dark and I don't necessarily want to make them any darker. I just want to fill in the bits which are missing. It actually comes with a really good brush, the rounded head makes it easy to get to any part of your brow. For me, I just didn't see a lot of difference. Yes they look a little better groomed, but I can achieve that with a spoolie. I actually used a spoolie to brush them through afterwards as they looked a little clumpy. You can see from the before and after photos below that there isn't much difference to the colour, maybe I should have gone for the darker shade, but I fear that they would just be too dark. They did stay put though, and zero fly-away hairs are a big plus.

I think this product is great for those 'no-makeup days' when you just want that little summin' to avoid the naked face feeling. Although I think when using this in the future I'll be using something first to create a better shape and do a bit of filling, then use this at the end to bring it all together. So in my opinion, not a bad product, but I'm glad I bought it at half price!

The Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpring Mascara is £4.99.

Have you tried this product? Dis you achieve 'brows that wow'?

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