Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss

I've been a fan of Sanctuary for years now. It's always been one of those brands that my mum has given me for a birthday or christmas present when I was younger and I would treat the product like I would treat a really high-end brand now. In fact you could probably put their stuff in high-end packaging and no one would even bat an eyelid.

This is their Triple Moisture Bliss gift set which I picked up in the boots half price sale. It's now down to a can't-leave-it-on-the-shelf £5 from the original £10 (which is a good price anyway!). In this set you get three 100ml tubs of their best selling moisturisers, and I must say that for me their moisturisers are the highlight of the brand.

First of all is the Cocooning Body Butter. This is actually one that I hadn't tried before so I was looking forward to testing. This is from their relax range and its formulated to nourish the skin whilst calming the mind. So I suggest you use this one before you go to bed rather than to before you go to work! The Beeswax and Shea butter in this keep your skin feeling silky smooth. I do really like this one, it's lovely to put on before bed as the scent isn't as strong. I'm not sure if it's going to calm my mind but I definitely wasn't disappointed with how it left my skin.

Secondly is the Sanctuary Body Butter. This body butter has the most divine, luxurious scent. It really has a proper 'spa' smell to it. In my head this is what their spa smells like, I think if I ever went there I would think I'd died and gone to scent heaven! This one boasts ingredients such as Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E, it's super moisturising leaving your skin feeling lovely.

Thirdly is my favourite. The Mande Lular Body Soufflé. Even the name of this product screams luxury. When applied it just glides effortlessly across the skin and it instantly deeply moisturises. A slightly different scent again but you can still tell that it's a Sanctuary product. If your looking for a luxury moisturiser as a bit of a treat but don't want to fork out for a high-end or designer brand, then I would go for this one. With a blend of Chamomile, Vitamin E and exotic spices this might soon become your new favourite.

So there we go, a perfect little package of three. A great buy if your not sure what moisturiser to pick, you can try them all for a fiver! I would grab them quick while you still have a chance.
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