Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sensationail Gel Deluxe Starter Kit | Review and Demo

So you've had your gel nails done at the salon, but what if I told you you can do them yourself at home? This is something I've been wanting to share with you guys for a while now, but I wanted to perfect the art before I did this post! This is Sensationail, if you haven't heard of them before this brand can provide you with all of the kit and colours to create beautiful gel nails in the comfort of your own home. They claim you'll have two weeks of chip-free, damage proof nails, and I can confirm that it does work!  You have to put in a bit of practice, it took me a few goes at making them look perfect, but I guess that also depends on how good you are at doing your own nails!

I got this kit for Christmas, it's the Deluxe Starter Kit and it includes two colours, a top coat, nail primer, cleanser, your all important professional LED lamp and a few handy nail tools. I was so excited to get this, I'm the kind of person who loves changing the colour of their nails, but I HATE chips. As soon as my nails chip I have to re-paint them. And I find it such a chore to paint my nails, especially as I seem to have to do it so much! So being able to wear a colour for two whole weeks without chipping is amazing.

The first thing you need to do is file and shape your nails as you like, then you need to buff over them with the file provided. Next with the gel cleanser just wipe over your nails to clean them with a lint-free wipe which you'll also find in the pack.

The next step is to paint your nails with the primer and let them air dry, this really doesn't take long and it helps the gel adhere to your nail.

Once your nails are dry you can apply a thin coat of the gel base and top coat. Make sure you avoid any skin around the nail and the cuticle as this is going to turn very hard once it's been under the lamp and it will stick to your skin! You really do only need a very thin coat as its quite a thick gel! 

Next is the fun part, using the lamp! You need to cure the base and top coat under the lamp for 30 seconds, once the lamp has beeped thats 30 seconds gone and you need to change to the other hand.

Now it's time to choose the colour, today I'm going for the nude colour called 'taupe tulips' (cute name alert!) and this is included in the starter pack. You can buy extra colours but I'll explain that later.

So you just need to repeat what we did with the base coat, however this time you need to cure for 60 seconds instead of 30, and don't forget thin layers! Below is the colour after one coat.

This nude definitely needs a second coat, however the other colour you get 'sugar plum' I only needed one, so I guess the colours vary a little. This is the finished look after another coat and the final top coat.

I am so impressed with Sensationail, I'm so glad I have discovered it! No more chipped nails for me! As I mentioned before you can buy more shades either from their website or from Boots. There are so many different colours available and they are available from £12.50. However if you don't want to spend that much on the gel varnish I've actually tried this with normal nail varnish and it works pretty well. Obviously it's better to use the gel, it's stronger and does last longer. But just using the top coat on top of your usual polish does make it last a lot longer than normal!

The Sensatuonail kits are available on their website from £69.99.

Has anyone else tried Sensationail? Would love to know your thoughts!
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