Thursday, 13 February 2014

Review | Soap & Glory Scrubatomic

So you might have noticed by now that I'm all over the Soap and Glory bath and body range, but my love for the brand doesn't stop there, oh no. Cue skincare! I have only just started dabbling into the range but I must say I have been pleasantly surprised so far. I don't think their skincare range gets as much hype as it deserves.

This is the Surubatomic, great name right? And as the name suggests this is a daily scrub for your face. I picked this up because it states it's 'for all skin types' which made me think that it would be okay for sensitive skin. I don't usually use a face scrub, I think they're sometimes a little harsh. Also I've usually got a few blemishes on the go and I don't want to risk spreading them around which can happen with a scrub like this. Thankfully my spots did clear up but I was left with uneven, dry skin especially around my mouth and chin. Using just a little of this two or three times a week has definitely helped to smooth everything out.

This is a very abrasive scrub which is why I only use a little and only on the places I really need it. It has a lovely peachy scent which I love, it leaves you skin smelling amazing! It also cleans off easily, I have found some scrubs in the past just don't wash off well and end up irritating your skin trying to get rid of it! It really does leave your skin feeling super smooth. It's full of AHA fruit smoothers- a blend of bilberry, sugarcane, orange and lemon which claim to dissolve the glue which keeps dead skin stuck to your cells, clever! And it also boasts peach and goji berry extracts which are rich of antioxidants and vitamins A and C. This is definitely a welcome product into my skincare routine, but just when I feel my skin needs it.

I can't wait to try out some more products from the Soap and Glory skincare range! Anything you think I should try? x
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