Monday, 2 November 2015

24 Hours In London

London is one of my favourite cities to visit, so when my boyfriend announced he was going for a business meeting I jumped at the opportunity to join him and go exploring. Whenever we've planned trips to London we've always tried to cram in all the touristy bits which seem compulsory to do when your a Cornish girl in the big city. So this time I wanted to relax a little and go to a part of London I'd never had time to visit before.

Camden has such a different vibe to anywhere I've been to before, its so cool and relaxed. Everywhere you look theres something interesting and quirky to look at. I got there at about 9.30 in the morning so first I wandered up the main street looking for the market. The shop fronts are covered in 3D art everything from dragons to shoes! I think Camden is one of those places that whatever time or day you go there will always be something going on, its also an amazing place to people watch, and I love people watching!

After a little walk and I stumbled across Camden Lock Market, failing to see the huge 'Camden Lock' sign on the bridge right in front of me! It was very quiet because of the time in the morning I was there but it was really nice being there to see the early risers wandering around and the traders setting up their stalls and preparing for the day ahead.

 My favourite part was probably the food court, everything smelt amazing, I really wished that I hadn't already eaten breakfast. I really liked the look of this organic coconut tea but I forgot to go back to try some, next time!

 After my market experience I wanted to find Primrose Hill so I headed in that direction. Now I knew that there was going to be a nice view over London but I didn't realise that I was going to be able to see absolutely everything! I thought the view was incredible, I could of sat there all day.

However despite the sunshine it was getting a little chilly and very windy up there so I headed down back through the park and on to a lovely little street which was aligned with cute shops and little restaurants.

I loved this little florist so much, it just looked so pretty. I would have bought a bunch to take home but I didn't think they would have survived the hot car journey back to Cornwall!

I also thought this bike was so cute with the flowers in its basket, this was actually outside a little restaurant which was really busy inside, it must have been a good place to go because the street was practically empty, I guess thats where they all were!

I hope you enjoyed this type of post and reading about my day in London. It was so different from any day I'd spent there before, just really chilled and relaxed. I love days like that sometimes, I didn't have a plan at all, just a few places I knew I wanted to find. I think this may be my favourite place now to go in London and I definitely want to go back again for longer!  

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