Saturday, 14 November 2015

A Trip To The Happiest Place On Earth | Part 1 - The Details

I wanted to do a little post today about a very exciting holiday that I'm currently in the process of planning. Yes, we're going to ORLANDO! And yes, more importantly we're staying at DISNEY! I've been to Florida may times before (including this trip I posted about here) but have never ever stayed on Disney property before, and I couldn't be more excited! The thought of planning a disney trip can be quite daunting, I mean there are so many hotels, so many parks and so much to do, where do you start!?

For me this trip is all about my boyfriend and I having the most fun two weeks imaginable, it's also about us getting away from everyday life and trying to relax a little as well. I think it's important to remember when your planning a holiday like this that it's YOUR holiday, you don't have to do everything, you probably won't have the time to anyway! My plan is to pick the things we MUST do, then let everything else fit in around that. I'm not going to plan absolutely everything because we don't know how we're going to feel once we're there, and we don't want to completely exhaust ourselves, this is a holiday after all!

So, the details. We're flying with Virgin Atlantic on the 20th April 2016, we've never actually flown with Virgin before so really looking forward to that! We'll then check into Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH CLUB, can you tell I'm excited? At the time of booking we had a few things kindly thrown in by Disney, we both have a complementary quick service meal plan which is amazing. This is actually the reason we decided to stay on property as we probably would have spent the same over all staying off site and paying for meals everyday. We also have a $200 Disney spending voucher included which will come in very handy for things such as Minnie ears and the endless cute mugs I'm going to want to take home! I think it's so great that Disney put on offers like this and it's really worth looking out for them when your planning your holiday. There are also a few other things which will also be included such as the Memory Maker, this is great especially if it's just the two of you as it'll mean you'll get other photos than selfies! You'll also get ride photos included!

Whilst writing this post I've realised there is SO much I want to share with you guys so I'm going to make this part 1 of many to come. I'll be talking about the My Disney Experience App, the parks, dining and more so keep an eye! Also get in touch and tell me what you'd like to know about planning a trip to the happiest place on earth x

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