Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Disney Christmas Gift Guide


Main Street Bakery Candle
This is for the true Walt Disney fan who has been Lucy enough to visit the parks. Scents can bring back the most incredible memories and this is one of the  yummiest at Disney World. Be sure to check out all the other amazing Disney scents from Colchester based brand Mapel and Whisky on Etsy. 

Minnie Mouse Pyjama Bottoms
I always love to get pyjamas at Cristmas, there's just something about changing into your new pj's and playing board games in the evening! These are from Asda. 

Mickey and Minnie Christmas Jumper
Christmas jumpers are becoming a must now for every year! I love this Disney one from Asos. 

Alice in Wonderland Tote Bag
These tote bags are a great idea for a gift especially now the plastic bag charge has come in! They come in all different characters but I loved this Alice one from the Disney Store. 

Chip and Dale Christmas Mug
How cute is this!? The Disney store also have a Mickey and Minnie one. 

Disney Vans Slip Ons 
These are probably the most subtle out of the Disney Vans range and a great gift for any Disney lover! They're also in the sale on Asos.

Mickey Mouse Socks
I mean it wouldn't be Christmas without a pair of socks in our stockings right? Also from Asos. 

Disney Vans Cap
I think this is a great present, it's a different way to wear Disney if your feeling a little more cooler! 

Mean Girls Disney Princess Mug
This is so cute! Perfect for any Mean Girls /Disney fan! This is from Etsy by a brand called missharry. 

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