Friday, 27 November 2015

Lush Butterbear | Review

One of my all time favourite Lush bath bombs is the Butterball. Not because it's flashy, colourful and bright (because it's not), but because it totally relaxes me when I use it in a bath. At Christmas Lush turn the butterball into this cute little bear and I love him! 

This bath bomb is all about being pampered, it's super moisturising, you can actually feel how soft your skin is whilst still in the bath. It has the loveliest vanilla scent which I find really comforting and the cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling amazing. 

For me this is the ultimate in relaxation, you can just drop it in the water, forget about it and let it work it's Lush magic. Your not interested about what colour the bath is going, how much your going to have to scrub the bath clean, or even worried about taking an Instagram! Just lie and relax! Also I can't believe this little fella only costs £1.95! 

What's your favourite festive Lush bath bomb? X
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