Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lush Haul #1

It's that time of year again when I just can't keep myself away from Lush. The festive range is my absolute favourite and I obviously couldn't resist doing a bit of shopping, so here's what I got! 

Firstly I picked up a non-Christmas item, I've never used Intergalatic before but seen the most amazing bath displays on Instagram, so had to try one of these! 

Next I picked up So White, this smells incredible, like apples. It's so fresh smelling I think it would be great for a morning bath. 

This is possibly the yummiest smelling Lush product I have ever tried, this is Yog Nog and I can't wait to use this one! I think I might wait until Christmas Eve to use this. 

Next is the Butterbear, the Butterball is one of my all time favourites and what's not to love when it comes in bear form?! 

Lastly we have Candy Mountain, this is definitely a festive favourite of mine, the scent just reminds me of Christmas baths! 

Let me know what your favourite festive Lush product is! And is there anything else I MUST try? X
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