Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sensationail Raspberry Wine | Review

You might remember a previous post I did about Sensationail and their ingenious at-home gel nail system, if you don't you can find it here. Well, for while I got a little lazy with my nails and completely forgot I even had this set. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of painting my nails, I find the whole process of removing, filing, painting, really really boring. I also hate having chipped nails. These two don't go well together! I recently discovered this set again and oh my gosh why did I ever stop!? 

I think one of the reasons I stopped using Sensationail is because I only had two colours and apparently I get bored easily. So I decided to branch out and buy a few new colours to try, and the first one I've used is Raspberry Wine.

I'm going to be honest, the reason I gravitated towards this colour is because it instantly reminded me of Christmas, and as we've got past bonfire night now I'm all about that. This is the most gorgeous festive colour, it's slightly more red on the nails than it looks straight from the bottle, but not quite a pillar box red. It also has a really subtle shimmer to it which makes it super glossy. I think this is going to be my Christmas nail colour! 

The photo below was taken 6 days after I painted them, 6 DAYS! No chips, just perfect nails and I didn't even have to step outside the house or more importantly take of my pyjamas! 

Have you used Sensationail? What colour should I try next? x
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