Monday, 2 November 2015

Zoella Beauty Fresh Bath Fizzer | Review

 With the launch of the new Zoella Beauty range comes a brand new bath fizzer! This was my favourite product from her first range so was first on my list to try. First of all how cute is the packaging? I absolutely love the colours, it was actually a shame to open! I also love the 'do not eat' label on the product, because it actually does look and feel like a chocolate bar! When unwrapping the first thing you notice is the scent, it's fresh and fruity pretty much what you expect from the name of the bar.

This bar is sectioned into four quite large chunks which you break apart and they have little bows and 'Z's on them which is a really lovely touch. One bar is enough for a bath but I think you could definitely use two if you wanted. It fizzes straight away when placed into the water, just like a bath bomb, and fills your bath with fresh fruity goodness! The scent isn't too over powering, it's just enough to fill the room with fragrance and to stick around for a bit post bath.

Overall I think this is such a lovely product and a nice change to something from Lush which is where all my other bath products come from! I will definitely continue using these as a nice addition to my bath time!

Let me know if you've used this bath fizzer, and what product should I try next from the new Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity range? x

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