Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar | Review

I know I say this about most of the Lush festive range but this is probably the product I most look forward to seeing back in stores. If you've ever smelt this bubble bar you might know what I mean! I LOVE the scent of this one! For those of you who don't know, firstly where have you been?! And secondly a bubble bar is exactly what it says on the tin it's a bar that bubbles when you crumble it under running water, and they don't disappoint they definitely create bubbles, loads of them! 

I love the name Candy Mountain, it kinda reminds me of Elf and that's okay with me. I love the look of the product, it's super cute. I love the colour it turns the bath, pink! And most of all I love the scent, it literally smells like candy, really sweet and yummy. One of the best things I find is that the scent tends to linger around you for the rest of the day. You get little whiffs of it every now and again when you swish your hair. I also find that my skin feels really moisturised after using this one which I wasn't expecting at all, so that was a nice surprise! 

For £2.95 you can absolutely not go wrong with Candy Mountain, and I also think it's quite acceptable to stock up until next year! Have you tried this one? X

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