Sunday, 21 February 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 Pre-Trip Report

Today I have something a little different for you, and it's something I've been promising over on Twitter for a while now. As you may or may not know this April I'm going on holiday to Orlando Florida, or more importantly DISNEY WORLD!! So I know a lot of you are really into Disney and my plans while I'm over there so I though I'd share that with you today in this pre-trip report!

I've actually written a whole separate post about this trip which you can read here to get up to date, but here are a few details before we start. This trip it's just going to be my boyfriend Mike and I, it'll be our first proper holiday together in the almost 5 years we've been together (and by 'proper' I mean on our own on a plane and out of the UK!) We're going for two weeks leaving Gatwick on April 20th and we're staying at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort! So lets get on with this…!

19th April - Pre-Travel Day
You may know that we live in Cornwall, as much as we love living down here the 5 hour car journey to Gatwick does make it a little more difficult when going on holiday. But it does mean that we get to start the holiday a day early so I'm not complaining! We plan to leave home at around 11.30am to start the journey to Gatwick as we're staying at The Bloc Hotel overnight. If you haven't heard of Bloc before it's a hotel IN the airport. Yes we're staying IN the airport. Life made. I'm one of those people who loves the traveling part of the holiday so for me this is so exciting! It may be sad but I don't care! So we'll spend the day travelling up, chill out at the hotel for a bit before heading out into the airport for some dinner. Then we'll try and get a good nights sleep but something tells me we might be a little excited!

20th April - Travel Day
Our flight leaves at 11.45 so we'll aim to get to security at about 9, we're going to do twilight check in the night before so won't have to worry about checking in our bags or anything, I think this is a genius idea. It's looking like it'll be a Frankie and Benny's breakfast once we make it into departures, followed by a little duty-free shopping of course. We land in Orlando at 15.55 and it'll probably take us a while to get though immigration as usual. Once we've done that we'll be heading towards the Magical Express and then on to the happiest place on earth! I'm not sure what the plan is once we get to the resort, I think we'll see how we feel. We'll either freshen up and head out to explore the resort and maybe Disney Springs, or the Magic Kingdom is open until 1am that night and we need to stay awake right…!?

21st April - Magic Kingdom
Our first day has to be Magic Kingdom, I can't wait to see that castle! I'm not promising we're going to get up early as it's going to be a long day, so we'll get up when we're ready and get the bus over. All I've planned for the days in the parks are the fastpasses, everything else will fit into place as we wander round. Our first FP is Space Mountain at 10.55 then we're doing Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin at 12.05, finally doing Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at 13.35. In-between those we'll probably stop for lunch, I really want to try Pecos Bills or Columbia Harbour House, but we'll see what we're feeling at the time. Depending how tired we are we'll either stay at the park or head back to the room for a rest, I love that we can just pop back to the resort so easily! Then we're returning for Wishes in the evening.

22nd April - Epcot
Again I'm not bothered what time we get up and going, we've got two weeks to do what we want and it is a holiday after all! Our FP's for today are Test Track at 10.20, Spaceship earth at 11.55 and Nemo at 13.30, not the most exciting ones as Soarin will be down, so we'll probably stick to Future World in the morning and then spend the afternoon wandering round World Showcase, I think this is one of my favourite areas in the whole of WDW, so excited! We'll spend the night picking one of the countries round the world to eat in before watching Illuminations.

23rd April - Typhoon Lagoon
Weather depending we'll be going to Typhoon Lagoon today, Mike's never been to a Disney water park before so I'm looking forward to seeing what he thinks! This will be one of our more relaxing days so we'll just chill out here for a while, do a few rides and then head back to Caribbean Beach to get showered and ready to go out in the evening. We might go back to Epcot and pick another country then walk round to the Broadwalk or go and see the newly improved Disney Springs if we didn't get there on our first night.

24th April - Animal Kingdom
Our FP's today are the safari at 9.45, Everest at 11.50 and Dinosaur at 13.30. Obviously we'll fit everything else in between. I really want to try Yak and Yeti for lunch and I'm really hoping that Rivers of Light the new night time show will have opened by then, fingers crossed!

25th April - Shopping
Today is the day we're hiring a car, we thought as we were staying in Disney and got free transportation we'd just hire a car for the middle week. We haven't booked it yet but we really want to hire a convertible Mustang! Got to make the most of it just being the two of us! So we'll pick that up hopefully from the Disney Car Care centre, as Mike has never driven in the US before we thought we'd just have a day driving round to the shops so he can get used to the car and get our bearings, we didn't want to be rushing off to a park! I really want to go to Orlando Premium Outlets so we'll probably head there and see where the day takes us! This evening we have our first dining reservation at Trails End Restaurant at Disney's fort Wilderness Resort and Campground at 19.20, it's a BBQ dinner all you can eat buffet. We want to get there a little early so we can have a look round the resort.

26th April - Hollywood Studios
This morning we have another dining reservation and probably the one I'm most excited for, breakfast at Be Our Guest restaurant! Hopefully we won't still be full from dinner! Our reservation is at 8.30 so we'll get to enter the Magic Kingdom before opening and walk down a quiet main street! After breakfast we'll head over to Hollywood Studios, our first FP is Star Tours at 10.35, then Tower of Terror at 12.20, then Aerosmith at 13.30, again we'll spend the rest of the afternoon doing rides and watching the shows before having dinner somewhere (unsure where yet!?) then watching Fantasmic to end the day.

27th April - Universal Studios
Today we'll probably get up early-ish, have breakfast at the resort to make use of our dining plan, then get the car and head to Universal Studios! I have absolutely no plan except making a bee line for Diagon Alley as soon as we get there!

28th April - Free Day
This is possibly the only day I have no plan for. I think we'll see how we feel, it could be another shopping day or one thing that I really wanted to do this trip was make it over to Clearwater. It's quite a way so I'm unsure if it'll happen, we'll all have to wait and see!

29th April - Islands of Adventure
On the way to IOA today I want to stop at an ihop as I've never been before and we have to go if we want the whole american experience right!? So after we've eaten our weight in pancakes we'll drive to Islands and again head straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The last time we were here we had done everything we wanted by 4pm, so if history repeats itself we'll pop into the Mall at Melenia on the way back, possibly stopping at the Cheesecake Factory, yum!

30th April - Resort Hopping
We'll probably have a lazy morning eating breakfast at the resort food court, then we'll head out to have a nosey round some Disney hotels! I'm not sure how many is a realistic number to look round but I definitely want to see the Animal Kingdom Lodge and all of the Monorail resorts. We have a dinner reservation at Kona Cafe tonight at the Polynesian Village Resort, so we'll get there early to look round that one. After dinner we want to have a cocktail at the Polly then watch Wishes from the beach.

1st May - Kennedy Space Centre
This is somewhere we've never been before so we're not quite sure what to expect or how long we're going to be there. We'll spend the morning there and then head back and make the most of having the car for the last time, going anywhere we've forgotten.

2nd May- Blizzard Beach
We'll ned to get up to return the car this morning, and after that we're going to Blizzard Beach for the day. We'll relax here for a bit, go on a few water rides and we might have a game of mini golf on the way out. For dinner we'll probably head on over to Epcot again and pick another country.

3rd May - Doing Everything We Missed Day!
Our last full day, nooooo! Today we are going to do anything we haven't had time to do yet, and if that means going to 4 parks...we'll go to 4 parks! I want to end this day watching Wishes one last time, I'm trying to get a FP but having no such luck!

4th May - Last Day 
You may have guessed where we're going on the 4th May, yes we have to go to Hollywood Studios on Star Wars Day! It's probably going to be crazy busy but we don't care, we're not going to be there all day! Probably going to have to leave the world at around 3-4ish, our flight is 19.50 sad times! We probably won't get back to Cornwall until about 3pm the next day so lots of sleep needed on the plane!

So thats it! It'll be interesting to see how much we actually stick to this once we're out there, it's all very well planning it like this now but we don't know how it's going to go when we get there! I've toyed with the idea of vlogging, and lots of you have told me to do it! I am going to try and film something as I also think it'll be nice for us to look back on, however I only have a DSLR camera so it might be more of a montage-y thing! We'll see what happens!

I'd love to know if any of you are going to be out there the same time, or are going soon and see what you've planned. Also if you've read that and have any suggestions for me then I'd love to know, always looking for new ideas and things for us to do!

Kate x
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