Sunday, 1 October 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Duo

When the latest instalment of the Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection arrived a couple months ago I was pretty excited to say the least. Her makeup is just gorgeous all round, the formulations, the packaging, it feels so luxurious and I would buy it all if I could! The two products which quickly caught my eye this time were the Hollywood contour duo, which is a contour wand and a highlight wand. These are sold separately but I bought them as a set and saved a little bit of money, this is definitely available on the Charlotte Tilbury website which is where I purchased mine, unsure about others like feelunique etc. This was my first time ordering direct from Charlotte Tilbury and I would recommend for the samples alone! I got SO may as you can see from the last photos, including the cutest little bottle of legendary lashes! Anyway on to the wands themselves, firstly can we address the packaging, I think we all know now how great these products look and feel by now, and these are no exception! I love that the contour one is slightly darker than the highlight one so you don't pick up the wrong wand by mistake, now that would be an interesting look! When first testing the contour wand it looked a little scary I'm not going to lie, but it blends in super easily and actually creates the most natural looking contour. You can easily blend it so it's not a definitive line which I like, it really is the perfect shade. The highlight wand is like nothing I have used before, it's like adding actual light on to your face. The formulation is so reflective that you have to be a little careful not to apply too much, which is actually great because it'll last ages! The highlight itself is a champagne/rosy colour which will look fab on any skin colour, it just leaves your skin looking really healthy and glowy without looking like you've got loads of makeup on. The wand applicators work really well, they're little sponges which the product comes through, I like taking the highlighter off with my finger so I don't get too much but the contour one applies just the right amount, perfect! These little magic wands have quickly become part of my every day makeup routine, and I don't see them disappearing down to the bottom of my makeup bag any time soon! 
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